"A retired homicide detective braves the Bolivian jungles to rescue the woman he loves...A fascinating backdrop, exciting adventures, plenty of twists." - Kirkus Reviews

"Witty and action-packed, I loved it. Jungle Up is the kind of escape we've all been craving." -A.G. Riddle, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Atlantis Gene

"Please find me, Thomas! Please!"

Two years ago, Dr. Gina Brady broke Thomas Prescott's heart, but now her panic-stricken satellite phone call starts it beating again with a fury. Thugs kidnapped the good doctor from the remote jungle village where she was working, and now the retired homicide detective's expert skills are desperately needed to save her.

Led by a colorful, but perhaps untrustworthy local guide, Prescott journeys deep into the Bolivian Amazon, plunging into a world where the only thing more dangerous than the gun-toting drug traffickers and the ruthless tribesmen, is the jungle itself.

When Gina's trail leads to a chance encounter with an archaeological expedition, the search for the missing doctor takes on even deadlier consequences. But Prescott will not relent in this punishing quest until, once again, he holds Gina in his arms.


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