The Afrikaans (Thomas Prescott #3)

The gripping third book in the internationally bestselling Thomas Prescott series.


Intimate in scale, but grandly outfitted, the luxury cruise liner The Afrikaans hosts no more than 208 pampered guests, among them; former FBI contract agent Thomas Prescott. When the ship is overtaken by African pirates who are demanding the U.S. send medical relief to a small Zulu village in South Africa, it's up to Prescott to keep the hostages alive.


As the U.S. tries to figure out how to combat the terrorists' plot from the outside, World Health Organization doctor, Gina Brady, undertakes the impossible task of rescuing three children from the secluded Zulu village. With the deadline drawing near, Prescott and Brady must race against the clock to discover the truth; is it medical relief the pirates seek or a two billion dollar ransom from one of the richest men in the world? Or could the implications be so profound, and the stakes so high, a war hangs in the balance...

The Afrikaans (Thomas Prescott #3)


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